Sunday, January 18, 2009

First, meet my dog George

I'm thwarting the pressure of a first post with the least profound or important thing I can imagine people being interested in. However, I assure you George is pretty profound. We rescued him from a shelter on the day that John Kennedy Jr. and his wife Carolyn were killed in a plane crash. 
John had a magazine named, George, and we felt it was an appropriate tribute to name the puppy accordingly. 
They told us that George was a doberman lab mix so imagine our surprise when he kept getting longer but not taller and was later declared a doberman beagle mix. He whines like a beagle and thinks he's a human.
I'll try to ensure that the other posts I write contribute more critical thinking or at least entertainment value than this one. I plan to focus on the things that interest me right now - film, food, marketing, analytics, leadership, social networking, and some info about various causes I care about. I'm most interested in the multiple dimensions that make up any one human and believe the social movement will allow us to connect in ways that make it easier to see and be seen as the complex beings that we are.